Minecraft Crafting Guide

Helpful reference application for crafting items in Minecraft


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  • Version 2.0
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  • Program by Alan Montgomery

The Minecraft Crafting Guide is an essential accompaniment to Minecraft.

The hugely popular game of Minecraft, created by Mojang, requires players to find and collect certain materials that then need to be crafted into vital items and tools in order to survive in a world filled with danger.

Despite crafting being one of the most integral parts of the game, the game software itself provides players with very little information regarding how to craft certain items and tools. For players to effectively build, farm, explore and fight, a crafting guide listing everything available is a great idea.

The best aspect of the Minecraft Crafting Guide is that when you have selected the item you want to craft, you are provided with an example of what the crafting grid should look like. During gameplay, this crafting grid can be accessed through the main inventory or by using a crafting table. A crafting table is preferable as it offers players a 3x3 grid rather than a 2x2 grid.

Some craftable items in Minecraft have what is known as a ‘shapeless recipe’ such as the fermented spider eye, meaning that the materials needed to craft this item can be placed into the crafting grid in any order. However, most items have ’fixed recipes’, meaning that the ingredients need to be placed into the crafting grid in a certain order. Being able to see exactly how to place the required materials into the crafting grid correctly makes this program invaluable.

Another positive aspect of the Minecraft Crafting Guide is that it can be run on your PC alongside the actual game. This makes it quick and easy to switch between the two and makes the guide an effective reference point throughout the game.

It is also updated regularly, with new materials and tools added all the time. Most other Minecraft tools do not update their software regularly enough for players to find new crafting recipes, so this is a superb benefit.

The program itself can be downloaded quickly and easily to your PC and can be used instantly. The set-up is well organised and offers users a simple drop-down menu. Choose from an alphabetised list of categories, including blocks, food, mechanisms, tools and weapons, and another drop-down menu listing all of the items available is displayed. Choose from this second list and you will be presented with a picture of the completed crafting grid, containing the ingredients needed to craft this particular item.

Simply put, the Minecraft Crafting Guide allows players to quickly and easily find the recipes for all items available in the Minecraft world. Whether you are looking for the materials needed to craft a weapon such as a sword or the ingredients needed to craft food such as bread and cookies, this guide provides you with all of the information required to successfully complete the task.


  • Quick to download
  • Easy to use
  • Updated regularly


  • Needs to be installed
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